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If you think that choosing the right product is more than enough, think once more.

Photos are something that defines the product and show it to the potential customer a set of expressive things it can be – the uses of the product, the demographics of the people who use the product, the feelings associated with it, and of course, the perceived value of the product.

But, there’s more to this than what meets the eye of the viewer.

Believe it or not, even the most effortless product photos require so much effort. This is because a product photo is capable conveying so much more than the product itself it also showcases the value and theme of the brand itself.

We at The Creative Club welcome you to the wonderful world of product photography!


Getting a lighting setup that fits many different products is key for many online businesses. In E commerce photography, the color, size, and glossiness can vary a lot from an object to another. Let’s learn the ultimate product photography lighting setup that will provide you with the versatility and image quality to make your E commerce studio more efficient.

The lighting setup must be the most versatile possible. We want to make sure that whatever medium-sized product we photograph, the result will be great. The time saving of being able to use the images Straight Out Of the Camera with a consistent result can have a real impact on your business, depending on the number of products you shoot. Using lighting equipment, no retouching is required. Power output and colors stay consistent from a shot to another.

Whether you photograph shoes, cosmetics, or perfume, this lighting setup will fit perfectly.

Here, are some examples:

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